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While open Egyptian Craps you appear in Egypt where a bright and sunny day surrounds you. Straight in front you see one of the grandest rivers of the world. It is Nile. And near the horizon line you see the pyramids which are the most enigmatical constructions on the Earth. The boat is floating slowly down the river and lengthways the banks many delicate water lilies are in blossom. This tranquil and at the same time majestic picture inspired the designers to create Egyptian Craps. So they combined the beauty of nature, the tenderness of music, the splendor of ancient architecture and the achievements of modern graphics in one game! Egyptian Craps is not a simple game on a classical table with marking this is an enjoyment from beauty and victory! Throw the dice and commit yourself to Fortune's care. While the dice are rolling listen to music and relax! Your winning is waiting for you!

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